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Insecure are a universal aspect of the human experience that we all struggle to reason, resist, rationalize and understand. This web site is the first stage of an interactive art project that will culminate in an interactive multi-media installation that will be installed in various locations, the first of which will be the Smith College campus. It is my hope that this project will illumiate the commonality of many human insecurities, regardless of cultural and geographical differences, as well as allowing audiences to explore insecirities that are unique to various cultures and gain insights into ourselves and each other as a result. In short, this is an exploration of the internal human experience. In order to create this project, I am asking people to share their insecurities with me.


  • All entries are anonymous and no user data is being recorded.
  • The only other personal information I am asking people to share is the city, state/province (if appropriate) and country that they live in. Location descriptions are not mandatory, though I appreciate all submissions. If you feel that it is more appropriate to list the place you were raised, rather than where you live now, please do so.
  • It is up to you whether or not your entry gets featured in the list below. Cick the "Hide this entry" checkbox if you would like your entry to be hidden.
  • Insecurities can be about ANYTHING!  The more honest & brave people are, the more interesting this will be. Go ahead. Be real.
  • I am hoping to hear about people's everyday insecurities, but I am also especially insterested in ones that arise in unique or challenging situations.
    Nothing is off limits. Please share.
  • I appreciate you forwarding this site to anyone and everyone you think would be willing to participate. Please help me spread the word!
  • By entering data on this site you automatically agree to allow my to use the data in my art.
  • If you would like to receive information about the progression of this project or be notified once the interactive installation is in place,
    please send an email with the subject "Insecurities" to:  
Thank you in advance for your time, consideration and cooperation.  - Sarah Meikle

Please describe any insecurities you have (or have had) in the space below:


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Insecurities Submitted
Running out of money. I hate money.
Holyoke, MA
Running out of money. i hate money.
Holyoke, MA
Running out of money. i hate money.
Holyoke, MA

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